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Here are some articles I have written about areas of my work.

Article: Getting to maybe... possibilities for living out Te Tiriti in early childhood centres: some reflections
Article: Weaving an inclusive Whāriki The power of story-telling with Persona Dolls



Here are some sites I have found very helpful in my work.

Pennie Brownlee
The Pikler Collection
The Reggio Emilia Aotearoa New Zealand
The Heart Maths Institute



Harakeke Poster

This poster of the harakeke (flax) provides a metaphor to help us understand how Māori world views can enhance Early Childhood Education. The whakataukĩ based on the harakeke relays wisdom for raising children. The whakataukĩ reminds the community of the critical role of adults to nurture and enable children to grow and flourish. Building on this metaphor, the harakeke grows roots down into Papatuanuku (earth mother). These roots symbolise the foundation of Aotearoa as expressed in Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Today when many people live apart from their whãnau, Early Childhood Centres form an essential part of this community of interest (harakeke) and the Treaty provides a sound foundation to help grow healthy children.

Information on buying poster.

To buy this laminated poster email Bronwen
To pick up from 54 Britannia St, Petone: Poster costs $25
To mail: Poster and postage costs $40.

Persona Dolls: a resource for Early Childhood Centres.

A Persona doll is a soft bodied doll, designed to be life-like, roughly the same size and age as the children in the Centre. The doll is a ‘child visitor’ to the Centre who sits on the teacher’s lap when he/she visits. (Usually at mat time) The doll is a friend with whom the children can bond. The doll comes with a story to tell the children, firstly who he/she is and then later to share an issue the doll has and to ask for the children’s’ help in resolving the problem. Teachers can use Persona Dolls to work with children to explore feelings, issues, conflicts, problems that arise in every day Centre life and also explore issues of difference, bias and diversity.

For more information about the Persona Dolls and the Professional Development course which trains teachers to use the dolls: download pdf for the course